5 Signs You Are in an Abusive Marriage (by Dr. Anne Brown Ph.D., RN CS) — Backbone Power

In theory, in this country, no one can touch you as adults in any way (physically or sexually) without your permission. At the horrendous end of the spectrum of physical abuse are the stories we hear about the beating, burning, rape, mutilation, sex slaves, etc. and at the lesser end of the spectrum, we hear about people using their physicality to bully and get their way. In a healthy marriage, the couple respects each other’s physical boundaries and sex is a mutually agreed-upon part of intimacy. In between the healthy and extremely unhealthy, we find what we put up with, what we ignore, what we can’t ignore, and finally what we can’t accept anymore. Usually, physical abuse is easier for the victim to identify with the right questions. We need to provide a safe place for the person going through physical abuse to speak about what is happening, knowing there is a strong emotional component denying, rationalizing, shaming, and blaming one’s self. If you are in a physically abusive relationship, hire a therapist qualified to help you safely leave the relationship.

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