6 Tools for Resiliency in Recovery

Resiliency and Recovery have a nice ring. The two R’s! Having a backbone makes this process a lot easier.

Resiliency is having the ability to adapt in the face of adversity. The more you know yourself, the greater your self-awareness, and the greater your backbone, the greater your chance for success in your recovery.

Resiliency is also what NORMAL people can do during adversity that leads others to say these people are extraordinary. Remember: Resiliency, I repeat, is what normal people are capable of doing! Look at a movie, TV show, book, or event that inspires you the most because an ordinary person found something inside himself he didn’t know he had.

Anyone can do this! Be this person in your recovery!

Six Tools for Resiliency
Let’s look at 6 tools to help you build resiliency in your recovery:

“I am a sober, resilient, authentic, man/woman, husband/wife, father/mother, brother/sister, daughter/son making a difference in the world.” Now, believe this and every choice you make has to be aligned with your mission statement. If you make a choice out of alignment, you will know where you derailed yourself!

Every thought you have has to support your mission statement. If a negative thought comes in, override it with your new mantra — your mission statement! You may repeat your mission statement thousands of times a day if necessary, and eventually, you will internalize it. It will also help you be really aware of the negative thoughts and how out of alignment they are with your mission statement.

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