Codependency and Contentious Times (Part II)

In Part I, we identified some areas of concern for the codependent during these contentious times. Now let’s look at some possible tools for the codependent to use.

If you haven’t done your codependent work, now is the perfect time to begin. With social media, you can practice taking a stand for what is important to you. Post articles you think are important for people to read. Stand up to people who post contentious comments.

Let’s Talk Solutions

We, as a society, need to learn to discuss and debate — not hate and kill. We need to read lots of sources, get different points of view, and engage respectfully with one another. Lean into this crisis and let’s all be better people, vibrate at a higher level if you relate to the spiritual discourse, and make our world a place where we all care about each other.

Now let’s look at practical solutions for the five areas of concern we addressed in Part I.

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