• Kathy Boggs Havens

    Kathy Boggs Havens

    Missionária Internacional do Zen Budismo Japonês e Psicanalista Humanista, lidera a Comunidade Zendo Sul — Jisui Zendô de Passo Fundo, RS e grupos afiliados.

  • luceat


    Rookie writer, curious and courageously hopeful

  • Audiobook Shine

    Audiobook Shine

    Welcome to Audiobook Shine, a book blog dedicated to audiobook.

  • Vitor P C Santos

    Vitor P C Santos

  • Nancy Kirk-Gettridge

    Nancy Kirk-Gettridge

    My purpose is helping aspiring women leaders take control of their careers on their terms. Get strategic career tips: gettips.phenomenalimage.com

  • Kara Summers

    Kara Summers

    5x Top Writer. Raising awareness of emotional abuse and toxic relationships. Narcissistic Abuse Survivor.

  • Wendy Gaines

    Wendy Gaines

  • 2021Lockdown


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