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  • Rev. Sheri Heller, LCSW

    Rev. Sheri Heller, LCSW

    Therapist, Coach & Author. Complex Trauma & Addiction. Dual citizen 🇺🇸 🇨🇦 traveler, lover of art and nature. I appreciate the absurd. Sheritherapist.com

  • The Only Black Guy In the Office

    The Only Black Guy In the Office

    Do you know him? Is it you? The trials and tribulations of a Black man navigating corporate life.

  • Elaine


    Psychology & Health Writer | Psychologist-in-Training | Careers Educator | Covering: Careers with Purpose, Positive Psychology + Creative Living without the BS

  • mkfink0723@gmail.com


  • Mary Whitney Thuell

    Mary Whitney Thuell

    I’m a precious child of God with a divine spark. And so are you. She/her

  • Mari Moore

    Mari Moore

    Mental Health Counselor, Writer, Passionate Advocate for LGBTQ+ Rights, Animal Lover — She/Her/Hers

  • KC Compton

    KC Compton

    Writer, editor, newshound, fan of participatory democracy. Decades as newspaper & magazine journalist. Don’t think there’s a better Amendment than the First.

  • Mission


    Stories & podcasts that make smart people smarter: www.Mission.org. The Mission Daily: www.apple.co/2KMXjhQ. The Story podcast: www.apple.co/2HEcveQ.

  • Rita Burgett-Martell

    Rita Burgett-Martell

    International Executive Coach, Organizational Change Management Consultant, Keynote Speaker, & Author. www.ritaburgettmartell.wordpress.com

  • Shannon Bearman

    Shannon Bearman

    Committe Member in Ward 5 PA; Endorsed by by PA ALF-CIO #AutismMom #IAmWriting #LCSW #ResistanceWarrior #ADHD #ClimateActionNow

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