Recovery With a Capital R!

Recovery With a Capital R: Revisit Your History

With a competent therapist, dive into your history with a commitment to a new understanding. This practice is not about recanting war stories, but rather about seeing how off course you became in life. You need a dynamic understanding of what your normal became vs what is normal enough for you to stay on the path of life. For this article, we will say “normal” is behavior that allows you to become who you want to be and fulfill your dreams. Now, this is tricky because of the brainwashing that happens. Have you heard yourself or others say things like:

  • “I like to party, so why would I stop?”
  • “What’s wrong? Everyone I know does what I do so we can’t all be that far off.”
  • “I don’t have to; I just enjoy it!”
  • “Just a sip or just one.” NOT!
  • “We deserve it after all…” NOT

Recovery With a Capital R: Making Sense of Your Emotional World

When you are numbing yourself, you are not in the process of working through your emotions in a healthy way, for lack of better words. If there is a death, we have a grieving process we go through and we can get to the other side of that grief. The loss always has a place in our heart, but we don’t speak about it as though it happened yesterday.



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